====================================== Music From Steel | Premiere Handpan show in the Arab World

Music from steel

The desert soul of handpan..

The premier ” HandPan ”  music project in the Arab World, formed in 2012 in Dubai by Sherif El-Moghazy






**Events 2016**

15/02/16 The Hamptons (Dubai)

23-24/02/16 The global women forum (Dubai)

02/03/16  St. Regis (Dubai)

15/03/16Young Presidents’ Organization (Dubai)

18/03/16 Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards (Dubai)

24/03 till 02/04: Mother of the nation festival (Abu Dhabi)

08/03/16 Dubai University

12/03/16 Emirates Litrature Festival (Dubai)

10/04 Fairmont (Abu Dhabi)

14/04 Katana opening event (Dubai)

21/04 Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi)

04/08/16 Dubai International Airport

14/09/16 Al Ain

17/09/16 4seasons (Dubai)

22/09/16 Dubai Design Destrict

23-24/09/16 City walk (Dubai)

27/09/16 JW Marriot (Dubai)

18/10/16 Palazzo Versace (Dubai)

15/11/16 Twitter event (Dubai)

28/11/16 ENOC (Dubai)

01/12/16 Emirates Palace

04-08-16-17/12/16 Abu Dhabi Food Festival

09-10/12/16 Etisalat event

15-22/12/16 Marina Music Festival


From the hippie to the royal, from the kids to the kings! Sherif has been fortunate enough to perform in hundreds of shows and events in many countries in front of thousands of human beings from all levels, diverse backgrounds who share one love of peace and unity.

Sherif is an Egyptian multi-instrumentalist world musician, a desert soul, and been over 4000 hours diving under the water of the Red Sea. He has a deep sense of consciousness and harmonic spiritual approach in composing music which is mainly focused around the “HandPan”

“Handpan” is an extremely beautiful and mesmerising handmade instrument that was just invented in 2001 in Bern, Switzerland by a company called PANArt and their instruments exclusively called “Hang”

It’s two glued steel domes that emit both drum-like rhythms and delicate harmonies. As you gently tap the tone fields on the shells with your fingers, a vibration forms and a production of peaceful sounds illuminate; leaving one’s heart, mind and soul, thirsty for more magic to move to the intimate sounds.

Quality handpan needs lots of patience to acquire, it will most probably takes years to have it due to the rapidly growing demand and the long and sophisticated processes of shaping, treating, and tuning them with an average of most quality makers produce 1 piece every week.






The newest and oldest most mesmerizing instruments introduced to the world. “Sandfall” is a collaboration between Sherif and Lidia, the Middle East pioneers of their instruments who play the most peaceful vibes and beats that will touch your senses and spread the positive healing power.


Click here for more about Lidia’s music projects


With a Middle Eastern blood, Yallabina is collaboration between Sherif ” Handpan and Flute” and Gabriel ” Darabuka and Digeridoo”. They met on an airplane heading to Goa, and after the first time they jammed by the beach, they managed to be the most demanded band to perform around Arambol – Goa, they also got to play at ” India’s first Handpan festival” which was a great success. 1931362_10156364215675137_3702256000898740958_n

Gabriel is also a great painting artist, click here!


Where/How to buy hang, handpan,pantam

So as you reached this page, you have most probably seen a handpan live or watched a video for it and got mesmerised by the way it sounds, and maybe you have asked people already or researched online about how to buy one!

I know very well how it feels like, I have passed already by this period of frustration and I can tell you it’s NOT going to be easy, but it’s going to be very rewarding!

Handpan is not an instrument that you can buy from your local music shop, actually it’s a bit harder!
It’s the newest instrument on earth as far as I know and there are very few makers that have mastered how to create it, as it’s hand made and tuned it requires very highly skilled maker with fair amount of experience to build it, it is not an instrument that can be mass produced!

From my experience with different makers I got to know that it takes between one week to even one month to perfect tune one instrument depending on the scale as it’s matter of millimetres of adjusting the hammering and shaping of the shells that the whole process of tuning could be redone if it wasn’t correct.

Handpan was first created in Switzerland and most of the makers are located in Europe, few in the US and fewer in Asia and as I’m from Egypt i have to say that unfortunately none of the makers are in the Middle East yet (as I’m getting asked about that a LOT!)
*So! No, you can’t get a handpan from Egypt (yet!)

How much does it cost?

Well! Handpans are expensive instruments, again due to the complexity of making it and the time consuming process.
Handpans range between $2000 to $3500 depending on the quality, each maker has his own set price.

Second hand top shelf handpans have been bought for up to $10,000 on EBay!

Buying processes.

Some of the makers have lotteries that give you a fighting chance to buy one, others have first come first serve list where the wait can be years.
Some have flash sales on their websites. (So do your homework, research, and contact the makers!)

Each brand is different in terms of attitude, materials, tuning techniques and method of distribution. Each has something unique to offer.

Useful links:
List of handpan makers:

Buying a second hand handpan:

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Wish you good luck on your journey of finding your handpan.